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    hey bros,

    I understand that most of you on this board are not fans of primo, b/c of the fakes out there, price, and effectiveness of the products. However, I had a few questions.
    Would it be ok to just run plan primo. What type of dosage would be effective for an 8 wk cycle. Also, there would be no need for anti-e or pct b/c it doesn't aromatize or shut down test production, right?

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    i ran primo a while ago with winny...when i did it i think i did 400mgs a week ....every 4 days...but i really don't much about it for it to run alone..

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    Maaaaan, we need a Sticky.
    OK, we can't keep going over this (Hence we need a Sticky!) so here's the deal.
    If you don't care about sides, and you don't really care if your unit doesn't work, or if you're one of those guys that thinks "well, it's working OK now and I'm not on Test???"
    Then FINE! Go ahead, run Whateeeeeever you want....all - by - it - self.

    Now, Primo Rocks, I love it, and you won't get the same thing from EQ only cheaper.
    Is it worth the price? Hey, it an open Market and Free Interprize, so that depends on you. I haven't used any in years even though I like the stuff so maybe it is too I said, it depends on you.
    I believe it will aromatize at high doses, use anti's...they're too cheap not to.
    And I wouldn't bother running Primo by itself at any dose for only eight might as well save some $$ and run EQ because in 8 weeks you're not going to see anything from either.

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