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    Steroid Cycle Help

    First of all let me tell you about myself. I have had testicular cancer 2 times and so because of this I have to take test cypionate . 200 mg every week. I weigh 198 pounds and lift weights 5 days a week .....I have taken steroids before in the past and Im ready to start again...I have alot of test cypionate and have some deca . And I was wanting to know if you had any advice on how to do my first cycle. Remember I have to take 200 mg a week. And if anyone has anything that can help me please let me know. I want to get stronger and cut up

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    I don't like answering questions that involve medical issues. I think you should talk to your doctor about this one.

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    I think most of us would be nervous advising a two time cancer patient on AS usage....Don't you think your Dr. or a sports Dr. could advise you better than some nameless guy on the net?

    I could be a liitle old lady getting her kicks for all you know.

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