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    heat on EQ prop cycle

    I started my EQ and prop cycle about a week or two ago. I have noticed I am hot as hell all the time when others in the room are fine. I also noticed night sweats, not really bad ones but I have to really curl up in the blanket to keep warm and then during the day I am hot and sweating. Almost feels like I am on tren but not quite as bad. I am also going to start the tren in a few weeks and was getting scared because I am already having this **** happen now. Have any of you had this happen on EQ/prop and/or either or both? Just feel hot. Not sicks or anything but hot. I get headaches too. Not bad ones though.

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    how the hell do i addd my own question ??????

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    No...only at night I feel the sweats....but everyone is different....turn on the AC

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    When my BP goes up I sweat a lot.

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    I dont sweat but I feel hot all the time with the 600mg of eq Im running

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