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    Working with your Dr.

    Has anyone had any bad experiences being open with a physician about thier Anabolic or proposed anabolic use? Are there any possible legal problems? I have an appointment for blood work coming up soon.

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    Make sure you completely trust your doctor. I know of someone who did this and it worke dout just fine for him. he'd go in whenever he felt symptoms. Went in once a week to run tests. Make sure you trust you doc...that'a all I can say.

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    i will never tell a doc anything. doctor patient confidentiality does not include insurance companies. if they get access to your info, what do you think the odds are of keeping your health insurance? may guess is slim and none.

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    I tried it once by opening up with a "can we speak off the record?" line. He said, "Sure" and we went from there. After being vague and the Dr just coming out with the, OK, you're on AAS" he finished by saying there is no way he could leave the info out of my file and treat me. The Dr said there was too much of a malpractice suit to be had.

    Let's say I had future liver dysfunction and I got a lawyer and told him the story of my Dr voluntarily leaving out my AAS use - the Dr said he would be on the losing side of that case. To make a long story short, we ended up writing the visit up as a allergy treatment and I was sent on my way - with a ref to a new Dr! Yeah, he didn't want me back! He did suggest I tell the next Dr I was on OTC pro-hormones and never tell I was on AAS.

    I know everyone's got an expert opinion on whether or not to tell your Dr - but most of us have never even started the conversation. I'm jealous of the few who have a Dr that leaves the info out, but I don't see that happening often.

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    I'm pretty close with my doctor but I wouldnt tell her about my use of AAS. To me its just my privacy. If I was having complications that I thought were related to AAS then I probably would tell her about it.

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    they can't bust you or turn you over to authorities...nothing like that... its hard to find a good doctor who knows all too much about anabolic steroids though and generally they turn their nose at it... i havent found one whose all to helpful so far


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    Me and my doctor are very close and I discuss my AAS usage with him on a monthly basis and he helps me a lot. Things are different in Canada though... Good luck with your appointment.

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    I you want to tell a doctor, find one that specializes in sports medicine. A GP is not the one you want to consult.

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    i talked to my gp about it, and he is cool. he even told me his son was on at one time and he said that he understands that some people like to go to extremes physically and that i must just be another example. he didn't right down ****. my dermatologist was pissed when i told him and pretty much denied me accutane unless i quit.

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