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    First time Winstrol User

    Good afternoon,

    I am in a my third week of a 9 week winstol cycle. I am using 50 mg Quality Vet from Mexico. I and 31 and have trained hard for 2 years, diet is very good, don't smoke or drink. I am injecting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 1 CC per day. This week I began to feel some pain in my balls, similar to a squeezing sensation, particularly in my right one. The pain occurs once every 5 minutes or so and lasts for about 15 seconds. The pain is not terribly intense, but it causing more anxiety than anything. I have located some information and feedback through the educational threads and other websites and would really appreciate any feedback from some of you experienced veterans. I have planned this cycle for 6 months and don't want to stop because of anxiety. Is this pain typical? Is there anything that I should be doing or taking to eliminate it? Is it safe to continue with the cycle? What is causing this pain?

    I really appreciate your feeback...hope you are having a great afternoon.

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    9 weeks of winstol.. ??? Without test..
    Bro it looks like crap..
    You can't go 9 weeks with it.. winstol shouldn't be run more than 6 weeks tops..
    And you got NO test... NO TEST NO CYCLE...

    Anyway.. you the pain is normal.. but if it's getting worse.. stop the cycle.. It could be the missin test your not using !

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    1. You should NEVER run Winstrol for more than 6 weeks!!! Winstrol is very hard on your joints. 9 weeks, you will feel like a dried up desert.
    2. No TEST, NO CYCLE
    3. To see results from Winstrol, you need to run it ED at 50mg.

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    it is your balls shrinking - just my .02

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    If you haven't guessed by now, we all think you need test with any cycle. Also, winny is killer on the joints for that long a period. You think your balls hurt now...wait until a few more weeks when joint pain kicks in. Gotta research those cycles gents!

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    long cycle for win

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    using any milk thisle,tylers,ala ect?

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