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    Question Confused....need some advice!

    I've been hearing alot of different opinions on what does what. Honestly, I'm getting alittle confused. I'm 5'10", 190lbs. I'm not sure how much body fat I have but I'm sure it's not alot....I'm very hard and cut up but not enough. I've been training hard for 5 years and I want to get abit more size...nothing crazy...harder and more ripped and in a very short amount of time. I have no problem with gaining 10-15lbs but I don't want that blown up look. I just want good, quick results. Anyways, back to the question...I'm looking at Winny, Sustanon , Andriol , Oxandarone. Not all together....2 tops. What exactly do they do and which would you recommend. Also, how do you run these or for best results, how would you run these. Thanks alot!
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    If you never used before - do a cycle of test eth 400-500mg a week shoot E4D run nolva at 10mg ED - you will grow like a weed

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    yea test will always make you grow good bro stick with that at first

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    Test E or prop weeks 1-13 (test E 500mg a weel) 1-15 (test prop 75mg ED)
    Eq weeks 1-12 400mg week

    And bro dont come on saying i wana gain 10-15 pounds and be very hard and riped in a very short amount of time. Alot of people will get agravated.

    And diet will be the determining factor not the juice.

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    Based on what you can get Run the sust and the winny first time around.

    sust 250 e3d weeks 1-10
    winny 50mg ed week 8-13 (stop winny 17 days after last sust shot)
    nolv 20mg ed
    pct day after last winny shot or tab 300/100/50

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