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    Injection frequency for test E and Deca - suggestions plz?

    I can only get my hands on veterinary Test E at 75mg/ml and Deca 50mg/ml. Because I want to cycle
    weeks 1-10 Test E 500mg a week
    weeks 1-10 Deca 400mg a week
    weeks 1-4 40mg d-bol a week

    Would there be any problems with splitting up injections to 6 times a week running test E - Mon 3ml /Wed 2ml/Fri 2ml
    deca - Tues 3ml/Thurs 2ml/Sat 3ml

    Could anyone please offer a better suggestion if i'm doing something wrong? I have no problems with injecting everyday, i'm just a little concerned/confused about the actual volume of oil being injected each time and the effect of these long acting AAS will have on me with these frequent injections. This will be my second cycle.

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    well 3cc's is a bit, but with a long enough needle its ok IMO.I believe you would have to inject 3cc's in the glutes, cuz that would be too mcuh for other muscles. as for the effect of the half lives and frequency, Im not totally sure but I think you're ok.

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    You only have to inject twice a week. Either Monday/Thurs or Tues/Fri. You can put both the deca and test in the same shot or take them seperately, but you only have to inject twice a week. Make sure you have plenty of anti-e's

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    personally I would just wait until you find a better source with a higher mg line. Alot easier shooting 4 cc's opposed to 15cc.

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    Thats 66.6 test-e injetions @ 1mL each for the 10 weeks. "sign of the beast". Way to much, IMO, to inject day after day for 10 weeks. Get some stronger stuff.

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    Use a 3 inch needle and inject into glutes.
    3CC (3ml) is common here.
    But, like darkseid said, that's 15CCs per week or 5 injections. You only need to inject deca and test-e 2 times a week. I would find another source.

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