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    Critique.thanks for your help.

    this is a great site, i've learned a great deal since I started doing research on steroids and related topics. this is going to be my 2nd cycle, my first was over 2 years ago (deca & dbols) no pct, didn't know any better.
    I'm 33 yrs,5 7' , 175lbs about 15% bf. My main concern is to lower my bf to 10 % while gaining 5lbs of lean muscle. From my research the next cycle will be: deca & test.prop, along with pct.
    are my goals attainable with this cycle? if so, how should i run them? and what is best to run at pct? (should i run proviron during cycle to reduce the bloating?) welcoming all suggestions.

    p.s. I live in Canada, can you guys give me an idea of the prices.

    thanks bros.

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    Bro - if you want to lean out - the best cycle is lots of cardio. But for chemical help nothing beats prop/fina .

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    agree with the cardio statement, but i'm curious though, were you planning on using nadrolone deconate or nandrolone phenylpropionate. The fast acting form of deca is suppose to be good for cutting but I haven't heard much with people using the substance. If it is going to be good ole deconate, then i'd opt for tren and/or winny

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    imo EQ, a test, tren , and clen will work wonders with the right diet.

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