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Thread: injection

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    i was just wondering if its alright to load sustanon and equipoise in the same syringe and just inject it all at once or if i should load them separately and take them separate becuase i am up for a shot of each on the same day. thanks for any info.

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    I see you have asked this question in 3 different threads. Don't do that its wasting peoples time, but the answer to this is yes you can load them in the same syringe. You can load any oil based or water based in the same syringe it doesn't matter.

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    yes...this is such a common question but if you are actually doing the juice you should have read the info and know that it is fine.....unless you want to be sore as hell all the time i would do the same needle bro...not trying to be a dick but maybe you should research a lil more.....anyways yes this is fine.

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