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    Clenbuterol and Clomid

    Hey everyone. I am coming off my 2nd cycle in a couple of weeks. It consisted of test enth/anapolon/winstrol . I am planning on running clenbuterol for a few weeks starting on the last week of my winstrol. I know the clomid chart says to begin taking it 8-12 hours after the last administration of most oral steroids . My question is does the clen affect the clomid in any way, or should I be running both simultaneously?

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    hmm.. don't understand your question.. your clomid cant start 8-12 hours after.. because of the test enth.. second.. do you want to run the clen same time as clomid or after ?????????

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    How are you running that cycle??

    And about the clen and clomid, its fine to run them together at the same time.

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    Run them together...the clen will help with the catabolic phase of coming off the AAS

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