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    Exclamation Passing blood in urine.

    What's up, people. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation and could maybe give me some pointers until I can get in to see the Doc.

    I'm a former powerlifter and I still lift heavy. I eat fairly clean, drink about a quart of water a day, and I don't do any recreational drugs and very little alchohol. Although I don't do big doses of anything, for the past two years I have been pretty consistent with the 'roids, mostly injectables, maybe a couple of months straight of off-time. Most of what I've done is a cc of Test cypionate a week, or some Fina a few times a week. The past five weeks, I has been 50 mg of QV "Winny" about three time a week. I try to stay away from orals. The only prescriptions that I'm doing is some Proscar for the ol' thinning hair.

    A few of days ago (Fri.) I noticed a lot of dark blood in my urine. I drank a lot of water and after several more times I noticed a very little bit later on that night, and I haven't noticed any at all since then, but I still stopped the Winny and set up an appointment to get some test done. I was thinking that someone may have had a similar experience and may have some advice.

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    Wise decision to get into a doc asap. It could be something like a stone that caused some bleeding, but if it was heavy, I would not waste any time and get help.

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    Toolman's right, go see a doc bro, when it comes to your health you cant f*ck around.

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