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    Tendonitis Update

    Hey guys just thought i'd update you, my elbow is feeling better... treatment is as follows 3 advil 1 hour before lift, 1 elbow brace, and icyhot 15 min before my lift... pain is minimal... heavy bi-lifts still cause discomfort though.. ive been able to lift real heavy on all push movements (well heavy for me )

    thanks to those who helped me out,
    hope my experience helps someone out

    p.s. please dont arm wrestle bad idea

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    Sounds good bro. Hopefully yours will stay away for good. The tendonitis in my shoulder has been reoccurring for about the last year. You will probably have to continue to baby it for a while. Even when I thought that mine was completely healed it would come back after an intense workout. Good luck.

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