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    Dianabol and Test. enathante stack?

    I was wondering about this stack. This is not my first stack . Fourth or fifth cycle.
    500mg of Testosterone enathante a weeks for 10 weeks and 50mg of Liquid Dianabol ED for 50 days.
    Last cyle was sust. 400mg/ a week for 8 weeks EQ 500mg/ week for 12 weeks. And the
    Tren .
    Week 1-2 50mg ED
    Week 3-4 75mg ED
    Weeks 5-8 100mg ED.\

    I was wondering if there is something I might could add in on top of this to help it out a little such as EQ 500mg/ml, 75 ML of Tren. 100mg/ml. Maybe some Winstrol tabs(yellow)50mg.


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    Are you trying to cut or bulk?...or just gain some LBM.

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    No need to ramp your doseage.Your blood levels will be in havoc.Keep it at @ 75 mgs ed and you'll do fine.I'd look into stacking it with [email protected] mgd ed.Or some other type of test.

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    Any sujestions on how much Noladex I should take. I have an Aromatization problem.

  5. well most will take 10mg/d during the cycle and bump to 20/d in PCT, but If you have trouble I'd say go ahead up to 20/d, and if you get gyno symptoms even higher. If I were you I'd do .25 mg L-dex/d with 10 mg nolva/d and with that stack you should be fine. just be sure you have extra in case!

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