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    Newbie!!! Looking for any help out there!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and I am currently looking to get into some serious shape. I have nothing against injections but I would prefer tablets to start. My buddies suggested I start with a 1 month cycle of Winstrol tabs, but after cruising this site, I am very interested about these legal alternative steroids such as Equi-Bolon and GenEdge. I have not spoken to anyone that has used one of these products, so I was hoping some of you would have some information about the comparability of those products to Winstrol. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank You

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    no injects = no cycle. And winny alone is not a good idea unless your bf is really low to begin with, and even if it is it's still not a good idea.
    I'd strongly suggest that you get yourself on a good diet/work-out before turning to AS.
    And as far as equibolon'd be better off spending your $ on whey protein etc..
    And fill out your profile..

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    a state of denial
    Cruise over to the supplement forum. Do a search on what you are interested in and read at least three pages of threads before asking any ?s.

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    Ditto the advice of my fellow bros. Do some research in the correct forums and I'm sure you will answer all of your own questions.

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    From your post it sounds like you are just beginning to work out. If so, then steroids are a big no-no.

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