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Thread: Androderm Patch

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    Lightbulb Androderm Patch

    It is said that androderm contains 12.2 gm of testosterone , but according to the paperwork only about 2.5 mg is dispersed in each 24-hour application. However,l if studied, you can see that the patch can actually be opened. Here you will find something that resembles a gel. Most of this gel stays inside the patch after the 24 hours, however it can be taken out. My question is weather or not it is effective if applied directly to the skin, and if there is a higher posibility of getting results with it like this. I have been prescribed the 5mg patch which should then be 24.4 gm a day. I have refills for 12 months, so i figure I'll save enough to use 3 a day, of course rubbing in the remaining gel after the 24 hours.
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    well just cover yourself from head to toe with those patches and youl grow like a weed, but you might look like a nicotine adict!!!!!

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    Don't use it. Use real gear

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    Well, I've used Androgel before and it's pretty good if you just need a mental boost. If you want real energy and growth, then the gel or patch will not do you any good at all.

    Just tell your doc you're allergic to the patch and gel because of the transdermal agents in the ingredients. get some real gear...

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