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    Prop vs. Ent for bloat?

    i don't understand why some say prop gives less bloat when in my understanding test is test and the only diff is the weight of the ester, which in turn delays the release of the test... am i right in my understanding? can some explain? thanks.

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    it has somthin to do with how fast it clears the body and how fast it builds up and starts to work, prop and enthate cause diff amounts of bloat prop has alot less, feel free to come into detail here guys........

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    for me, they both make me bloat, prop just has a shorter half-life then test e.

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    I never bloat on Test Cyp or Enan.

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    You are absolutely correct in your facts...test is test, the esters are the difference. This is actually a pretty good question.
    If bloat is an estrogen related side (and it is), and prop leaves your system very is more difficult for it to aromatize quickly enough to render the estrogen related sides that come with cyp or enan.

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    I bloat quite nicely on enan. I don't have any estrogen related sides from prop.

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    I just run Nolva @ 20mg ED throughout and have no prob with bloat. That's where the theory of "Nolva hindering gains" comes from. People consider water weight "gains". I personally don't like the water, so I stop it before it even becomes a problem.

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    You will not get more bloated from one ester as opposed to another and you will NOT see better gains from one ester over another. It is only a matter of the amount of testosterone in your system. One 1400mg injection of enthanate is like injecting 100mg of pure testosterone per day, but one 1400mg injection of propinate is like injecting 500mg per day of pure testosterone. Enthate takes 2 weeks to clear and propinate takes 3 days to clear. But it the EXACT same testosterone. You will NOT experience difference in gains with one ester as opposed to another just as one bottle of distilled water is not different from another brand. Its all the same thing. The only differences lies within release times.

    I'd read this awhile back (courtesy of Iron Game) and it help me understand the difference between the two. Basically they are the same the difference lies in the half-life of each one. Hope this helps you, it did me.


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    TheChosenOne seconds BLT's notion that he doesnt get bloat from Enanthate . Personally water retention isn't an issue for TheChosenOne with Test/EQ/Dbol /Fina; You too may experience the same results depending upon your personal makeup.

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