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    Question Need Some Serious Advice!!!

    Hi everyone! I'm new hear and I just want to say that this is an amazing site. Alot of good info and threads! Anyways, here's my deal. I'm 26 years old, 5"11, 210lbs. A year and a half ago I was in a major car accident resulting in some major head damage, memory problems and I couldn't walk or do basically anything for about 6 months. Before that, I've been training for 6 years...hard. 5'11", 180lbs, RIPPED and STRONG! Abs to wash dirty laundry! I am now fully recovered and really pissed off! I've gained a good 30lbs, every muscle on my body has shrunk and my strength is, lets just say I don't have half of the strength I used to. I recently (3 weeks ago) started to train hard again determined to get my body back but 30lbs to loose and major muscle and strength doesn't happen over night! This has to be the worst work so hard for something, and its all gone! Back to my question....a few friends of mine recommended this site and to consider taking some Test with Equipoise or Test with Winstrol . What do you guys think? I've never done a cycle but I am really serious about it now. Does this sound wise and if so, which Test? Thanks alot....I appreciate it!

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    I wouldn't start yet 3 weeks of training imo is not enough, you'll be surprised how much muscle and strength will come back.

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    Cool your fully recovered. Lot of guys will say you'll need to train longer before they recommend you jump on the gas. You'll be surprised how much muscle and stregnth will come back in the next few weeks of hard training. Through out my years at training, every time I stop working out for a good duration, as much as a year, it took me only 2 months tops to get back to previous strength levels. Maybe get as close to previous strenght levels first then hit up the sauce, hate for you to waste some dough and gear on something that could come back naturally quickly. I'm sure others will chime in soon. Good luck.

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    Yeah, I think you will get big pretty fast due to "muslce memory". Lift for a little while and see what type of results you get naturally.

    Welcome to the board!!!!


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    i agree, i would put in a good year before jumping on gear...
    glad to hear you recovered and are back in the game...
    best of luck

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    One of the big reasons for waiting awhile and training naturally before you turn to AAS is to gain the necessary tendon strength that you'll need to support the strength increases that come with AAS. Use this time of natural training to research this site up and down. You'll really get a much better feel for what you're getting into, and you'll be much better prepared. Because you'll be so much better prepared, your gains will be that much more.
    Glad to hear you're back and in the right direction.

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