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    Exclamation what if you are caught at the border

    what do they do if they catch you on the border between mexico and the US trying to get gear in the states??? the reason i ask is because myself and a few of my friends gave this guy money to go get gear for us, im not out of much, but my friends are and i want to know if he jacked us for our money, he said they released him on 200K bail and his car is still in mexico, i didnt think they would even release him from custody because it is drug smuggling, tell me what they do so i know if this idiot jacked me and my friends or just pussed out on going, thank you!

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    What was the total dollar amount that he spent in TJ? Unless it was over $1,000 for friend is full of shit. I know 2 guys that got popped with around 2k worth (mex. prices) , it cost them $500 to get their car back and they got a $2500 fine. Sounds like your friend is full of shit...If his bail was that large, his ass would still be in jail, you got taken my friend...

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    Re: what if you are caught at the border

    Originally posted by CrazyRussian
    this idiot jacked me and my friends or just pussed out on going, thank you!
    sounds like both

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Sure does.

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    If i gave the Federalies 200k, they would let me bring the whole pharmacy and deliver the kitchen sinks!!!! Your friend f'd you.

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