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    Fake or low dosed Test E do I still need time off?

    This was/is my first cycle. I got some Test E from a reliable person and I have seen little if any difference after 9 weeks running 500mg weekly, divided into 2, 250mg each . I started adding in Test Prop a week ago, week 8, from another person (the Prop is real). My question is do I need to take the traditional amount of time off even though it might be fake or at least under-dosed before starting again, or can I just start over counting last week as my first week (continuing the Prop until the new Test E comes next week) ? I was going for 12 weeks total, but wanted to see if I could extend it and if so by how much max, thanks.

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    i say time on = time it safe. If u didnt see results after 9 weeks of running 500mg that **** was bunk bro.

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    What would be the minimum time off in this situation, and thanks.

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