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    Equpoise or Primo???

    I'm a college athlete, (football). And I am looking to increase strength, not too much mass and also cutt down on body fat. My first cycle I got winstrol and Test 400. I gained about 15 to 20 lbs, not got injured, had surgey and lost a lot. I'd rather not stack this time, so I was wondering which one would be most beneficial to take.

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    I'm a huge Primo fan, but it's almost as slow as EQ, it's faked 10 times as much, and it's expensive as hell.
    IF money is no option, and you're absolutely sure it's real - Primo hands down.
    But if you work for a living, you're probably better off with being patient and going with the EQ.
    But if you're coming off a surgery (I have MANY times) I'd go with Deca for a while at first, then run the Primo/EQ...JMO.

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    Be carefull with the primo. There is alot of fakes going around I was stuck with some. Basically make sure it's real.

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