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    Thumbs up Aight Final Thoughts

    Aight I Got some T200 to stack along with the deca Dur-300ML...I also be on ZMASS PM, OPTIMUM NUTRITION PROTEIN, and Some other supp. I eat a lot but just cant gain weight... How much do you think I`ll gain w/ this cycle, and will I lose my gains by only doing one cycle?....
    Mostly Ripped up hoping to put on mass while still keeping the cutting and rippness I have developed over the last 3 years. Is it also better to do 1cc a week of both or should I do more....Please hook me up with some advice. I know you guys have told me 2 stack Deca w/ T200 so I finally got my hands on some and are gonna use it..Ill be on the cycle for 10 weeks. Thanx fellas for guiding me through all this....I never knew how much research and work you had 2 do before doing this. YOu guys have been a really big help....
    Ill be sure to post pics, after everything is said and done.


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    FIrst, whats your break down on your cycle. How much and when? Whats your diet going to be like? DO you have your anti-e's on hand and clomid post cycle? Weight gain all depends on your diet and training bro. I have gained 25 lbs in 7 weeks from sus250/abomba and slin and not too much fat but I am forcing myself to eat a lot.

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    Bro you are only 137lbs, you could gain a lot more weign naturally without AS. Trust me.

    3500-4000 calories, 280g of protein
    Creatine 20g/day 2months on, 2 off
    Glutamine 20 g/day

    That will be a good mass cycle for you.
    You don't need AS. Just do this everyday.
    Trust me it will work if you really want it.

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    I agree with GenuinePL, Increase your intake of cal. and you coud go far. But to your question. Most guys would tell you to do get your test. up closer to 400mg/week along with your Deca . Looking at your weight though. I believe, if this is your fist cycle and you only weigh 135#'s, you can get great gains off of 1cc of both each/week. You will still have to bump your cal. intake way up. Its crazy the amount of food you have to eat. (Just make it good food, not McD's) My first cycle consisted of just 200mg of cyp/week. I got close to 20#'s off that. Finish off with some clomid, to get your body jump started again.

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    i agree with the above advice about trying to grow more naturally, eat 30grams of protein every 3-4 hours along with as many complex carbs are you can stuff down, and workout like a maniac... stick to the basic exercises and dont get caught up in all this pre-exhaustion, supersets, etc... just work on making poundage gains each week, even if they are small, hope this helps

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    I agree bro's 100% at 135 you can can grow like a weed for at least the next two years. Set up a good diet with plenty of protein and carbs load up on some creatine and train hard. Give it some time dont rush into it bro.

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