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Thread: first injection

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    Question first injection

    just took my first injection of test 250 enthant on monday today is wed. should it still be sore as hell. my ass that is

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    yes, take some motrin and get a heating pad. welcome to our world!

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    I took my first shopt of test e in the quad and two days later I was limping bad. I've gotten used to it now though.

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    Hey Bro,

    I know what your going through. I've been inj now for about 8 weeks. I rotate to many different muscle groups and never hit the same place twice in two weeks.
    Yes, as to the answer of your question. Your muscle has just has received something new and very different. Each new muscle group I've hit has usually remained a little sore for at least a day or two. As long as you rotate, avoid scar tissue build-up and do pre and post inj care your body will become accustomed to it and soreness will be rare. Unless of course you F*** yourself some how.
    Some tips I've picked up from some of the vets and what I have found to be usefull are as follows: Keep a heating pad on desired inj site for about 10 minutes, stretch the muscle group, ALWAYS use a fresh needle (helps make things go much smoother), inject slowly (helps allow despersion of the juice), rub the muscle group of inj, take a shower or use heating pad again afterwards. Still sore after a day? SUCK IT UP AND TAKE SOME PAIN KILLERS!

    good luck bro,

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    You should get used to the Test E Injections rather quickly. I have posted this a millions times... I HATE PROP

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    LOl, try shooting Prop ED your whole body will be sore for weeks, Test E is a walk in the park my friend.

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