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    (d-bol, prop.,cyp,)Need advise deciding on 1st cycle

    I have 30ml of prop. to run for 8wks at 100mg EOD
    was ganna run d-bol for 4 wks at 25mg/day but im getting conflicting oppinions("shouldnt try it at all with your 1st cycle" and "i should use the d-bol at 25mg/day because i have only 30ml of prop.")
    i just got 10ml of test cyp. and i wanted to now how to incorperate that into my cycle...if i could use prop. and cyp. Only how should my cycle look like?....and yes im ganna be using nolv. and clomid for PCY......any help on what cycle should look like would be graetly

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    You don't have enough cyp to make it worth running.I'd trade the prop for cyp and run a nice first cycle.....just my .02

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    I don't see why you can't use the dbol everyday...first cycle everyone suggests test first but I always think you can add something else....but for your first cycle just stick to one the cyp for later....

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    so i should stick with this cycle then??wk 1-4 D-bol---------------25mg/day
    wk 1-8 test. prop.---------100mg EOD
    wk 1-8 Novl.---------------10mg/day...
    -Then Ill up Novl. wk 9-11---------20mg/day
    3 days after my last shot of Prop. Ill use clomid like this
    1st day-------------------300mg
    day 2-11-----------------100mg/day
    I would trade in the prop. for more cyp. but i wanted something thatll get out of my system how daoes that look???

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