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    what type of juice do olympic lifters do?

    Just out of curiosity, what might you think some of the world's best olympic lifters take, i compete and have gotten pretty strong before, but to see a 185 pounder snatch over 400lbs and sweep( or clean in other words) 500lbs off the ground at the same weight, just mind boggling to me, the weight is a toy to them. Even you guys have to be impressed, Just wonder what some of your guys opinion is on what you think they are taking. I just might want to try.

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    same stuff we do - for orals I prefer Var for strength - makes me strong as f*ck

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerlifter
    same stuff we do - for orals I prefer Var for strength - makes me strong as f*ck
    glad to hear you say thatabout var... my next cycle is test e for 12 wks, EQ for 12 wks, Prop for the first and last 4 wks, Var wk 1-6, and fina wk 6-12. Should be strong as an ox by the end. Bench at 455 now, want to see if i can break the magical 500lb mark by the end

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    prob really high dosages of Var,,imo var is the shizzle....40mg ed for 8 weeks!~~

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    This is kind of off the subject, but I read an interseting article recently about a woman that is trying out the the 2004 U.S. olympic weightlifting team. She can snatch 225lbs., clean and jerk 280lbs., and she is just 5'2" and 154 lbs. Pretty impressive.

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