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Thread: Please Help

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    Please Help

    I have I 10ml vial of cypionate 200mg/ml, 22 sust amps 250mg/ml, and enough anadrol to make your head spin. This is only my second cycle but my first cycle pinning, so I guess you could say it is my first real cycle. Before you jump all over me about the sust it was all I could get I tried for cyp or enath for 2 months. I would like to get away with only having to pin once a week. Has anyone only used sust once a week? Almost every thing I read says you need to to do it eod. Here is what I was going to do. Also I am 6'2 265 and 26 years old and have plenty of noveldex on hand.

    All sust and cyp shots will be on Monday

    week 1 cyp 200 sust 500 anadrol 50
    week 2 cyp 200 sust 500 anadrol 75
    week 3-4 cyp 200 sust 500 anadrol 100
    week 5-10 cyp 200 sust 500
    post cycle noveldex 40 - 60 mg ed for 5 weeks.

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    361 $.02 keep th A50 dosage the same.. no need to ramp it up. If it is the first time on A50's.... 50mg/d and see how you deal w/ the sides. A50's are rough for your second cycle but.... I used them on my first cycle 15 years ago

    Sus EOD for the prop effect the other esters will kick in later. I did 1 **** of sus / week but it works MUCH better w/ more shot per week. You have to get use to pinning yourself or don't ever get started. Adding cyp to sus is just adding another ester w/ a different half-life... If your going to use them go 100mg cyp and 250mg sus every 3 or 4 days.. at least it will kinda stablize your test levels...

    Novledex as PCT... no, run 20mg /d thoughout cycle and PCT then clomid at the end for 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps Bro


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