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    Starting 2nd Cycle, woot!

    Okay here goes. I know I already posted my theoretical cycle here a week or so ago to ask about possibilities for the cycle, but now that I have all my stuff in hand, I wanted to find out if some of you guys and gals might be willing to critique my cycle as I have it set up and let me know if I should make any changes to it. Here is what I am planning on doing starting this Sunday, 04/04/04:


    Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/week. Weeks 1-12
    Trenbolone Acetate 75mg EOD. Weeks 1-10
    Nolvadex 10mg. Weeks 1-12


    Nolvadex 20mg ED. Weeks 14-16
    Clomid 300/100/50. Weeks 14-16

    Cycle History:

    One cycle of SL Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/week for 12 weeks. Gained 32lbs total at the end of the cycle and retained 25lbs of muscle after water retention burned off.

    Training History:

    I have been training sporadically for the last 8 years, with just the last two years consistently. I have a very high metabolism, eat like a horse, but it is very hard for me to gain any significant amount of weight naturally any more. I am pretty sure I have reached my natural limit.


    23 Years old.
    6'6" tall
    205 lbs
    Very low bf%, not sure on an exact number, since it has been a long time since I have tested it, but my guess would be from 9-11% bf.

    Now my question is this. Does this look like a decent cycle considering my cycle history, stats, and training history? I am 100% sure on the test and nolva doses, but the one thing that I am a little shaky on is the tren . I have been told many many different things in regards to when I should run it. Some people have told me to start it after a few weeks on test, and run it a couple weeks after my last shot of test since it has such a short half life compared to test. And yet others have told me to run it from the start and end it a couple weeks before my last test shot to minimize my post cycle crash. And yet others have told me to run it all the way through, from 1-12. I think the second suggestion sounded the best, so that is what I am planning on doing for my cycle. However, I would like to get the advice from some of the more experiences vets and/or admins as to what would be best.

    I appreciate the help on this from anyone that responds, not just the vets/admins. I want to do this cycle right, and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. I got a little freaked out last cycle when my nips started to hurt and I felt a small lump forming under each of them during pct, so I upped the nolva doses and it went away (thank god!). So I am a bit gyno prone I would think. Is there anything else that I could do to minimize the chance of that happening? I have read a little about B6 and l-dex, do you think I should add that to my cycle? Or will running the 10mg of nolva through the entire cycle prevent that?

    Once again, thanks for the responses!!! This website is amazing.

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    Looks good.. but remember to start you pct 2 weeks after your last shoot... not 1 week as you wrote..

    Good luck bro 1

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    i would run the tren ED at 75mg... For the first time I would run it for only 8 weeks to see how I react to it. Its suppose to shut you down pretty hard.

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    I think you'll be much happier with your results if you run the tren ed.I'd also consider running it for only 8 wks,since this is your first time running it.

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