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    first cycle help!!!!!

    ok first off my stat's .... 23 yo 208lbs 15% bf, trained for 3 years hard and 5 on and off. i have decided on my first cycle after months of talking to you guys and researching. here it goes...

    test E 500 mg/week for weeks 1-10
    20mg proviron ed with nolvedex on hand (just in case)
    2 weeks after last injection clomid and clenbuterol ed for 2 weeks

    2 weeks after pct start winny tabs 50mg ed with 150mg of clenbuteral (for 6 weeks)

    diet (on test)
    300g of protein
    300g of carbs
    keep fat as low as possible
    4000 cals a day with help of weight gainer (Nlarge 2 and nitro tech)

    what do you guys think?
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    Drop the winny portion. Why would you chose to do it after pct, it's just going to shut you down again. Do not run back to back cycles for a first run.

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    Id drop the winny for a couple of reasons.. first you are not running it correctly.... second you wont see the max benefits from because your BF is 15%.

    If you are persistant on doing it, I would first drop a 3-4% and run it from week 7-12 at 50mg ED

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