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    Testicle draw up?

    just trying to get some opinions here..

    im in the 5th week of my test E and EQ stack (15 weeks total), and Im wondering when the gear should start to kick in good? 500 mg of QV Test E, and 400 mg of EQ every 3.5 days.

    My concern is that my nut sack (to be blunt) has not drawn up at all. the boys still hang down. is this normal?

    in the past while on sustenon, and deca , the sack shrinks up like im standing in cold water all the time. what gives? is it me, or am I just being a little paranoid?
    was also thinking about increasing the test dosage to 750mg per week and keeping the eq at 400.. any thouhgt on this please

    thanks to all

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    yeah i wouldn't worry about your nuts, but you should be seeing/feeling some of the test. Test Eth should take about 3 weeks.

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    Yeah bro, you should def be feeling the test by now. What brand are you using?

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