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    FYI: Injection Problems

    1. When pulling from a vial, use a different needle, there are needles you can find made specially for pulling, you dont have to use them. (Microfiber's from the needle can break off while pulling, not good, it hurts bad)

    2. Just becuse the gauge is smaller doesn't mean that it is better, smaller the gauge, the more powerful it pushes through, this can tere tissue.

    3. Wipe area good with alcohol, in WW2, people didnt die from the bullet wounds mostly, it was clothing torn off and pulled in the wound, anything that purtrudes in your body can potentially carry bacteria and infect you.

    4. If your body forms any sort of hard area around injection, if it's not red and/or pussing, most likely an abcess (formation of hard tissue). Some people's bodies do this to foreign agents as adefense mechanism. Sends in blood cell's to detect and when it see's nothing wrong, it goes away. (in the mean time it hurts like a SOB)

    5. Intramuscular needle's in the glutes must be atleast 1.5 inch, arms and thigh must be atleast 1 inch, and all go straight in, not at an angle.

    6. Make sure to pull back to check for blood, there should be none.

    7. Fast is not better, this only means more pressure, like sticking your thumb in front of a hose.

    8. Make sure to move around the area and massage it to help it absorb.

    9. If you do get it infected, and cannot see a doctor, find a way to get some sort of broad-spectrum (treats for manny bacterial infection's at once) antibiotics. Make sure to find out your correct dosage though, don't hurt yourself worse.

    10. If you find this information to be wrong, please correct it and explain, if you have additional info, add it to a post.

    "Everthing here is only Hypothetical".

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    I agree with every thing you said.. nice post.. But #2 I feel is wrong, a smaller guage needle does not shoot it in...not oil any ways it dribbles it in slowly. Now if we are talking water I agree it shoots quickly.

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    i use a 1.25 needle for my glute.

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    My only question would be regarding #5

    A person with low bodyfat or someone with really thin arms may be OK with a shorter needle. However I do agree with the point that you do need to go deep IM to prevent abcess.

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