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Thread: Inject ?

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    Inject ?

    Can anyone tell me if there is any negatives to hitting your quad with 3 CC's of Gear. If one was gonna inject alternating Quads 3X a week, hitting for example the Left Quad once and the right Quad twice in a week with 3 CC's. Would this be ok to do? I know 2 1/2 CC's is ok but was wondering about 3. I know one could hit other spots but I want specific answers on the Quads. Thanks

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    There are no negatives to injecting that much juice into your quads. It'll feel the same and produce the same results as injecting into your glutes, arms, etc. To prevent scar tissue (which will make it harder to break the skin in the future) Just alternate spots. Trust me, theres nothing to it, easy as pie. It's ok to inject into your quads, but it's not ok to inject into a specific area that many amount of times without giving it a break.

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    I have been doing my quads from day one.. didn't trust anyone else to give me a shot!! Finally my quads are so sore i had to trust my wife to give the the shot in the glute.. i can't reach back there lol. But you need to alternate sites, straight quads will give you a real pain,you will see what I mean soon enough. If you are going to hit them with 3cc go very very slow.. with something like a 25 pin. Shooting too fast will give you more grief yet, I personally would not shoot over 2cc in my quads at one time, guess it really depends on how big you are. good luck

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    hitting 3cc's today of prop,enth,eq ...

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