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    First I would like to start by telling everyone that has posted on my threads thankyou ... You guys have loaded me with info an advice more than I ever could have asked for....Anyway ...My last post spoke of my x now being a vet ..Well that did not work to well she wanted a little more in return than I had to offer...So I choose HRT I will be receving my first shipment in aprox 2 weeks due to lab work etc... My question is this ..Of course Ill be running test but they have a number of differant ones cyp, ena, prop, suspension which should I use??? Also he recomended Anavar about 5 weeks in lasting 5 weeks after the test then start pct what do you guys think ....thanx for insite

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    For HRT, you definitely want to stick with a long acting ester LIKE CYP or Enan. Prop would have to be injected ED, and sustanon E2D's.

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    agree with longterm, enth or cyp @ 500mg a week for 10-12 weeks.

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