Hey Bros,

What do you think of this? Any imput would be great.

My stats:
age 27
height 5'9"
weigth- 208
biceps 17 1/2" Quads 27" waist 35" chest 47" forearms 15"
squat 225x15
previous cycle- one, 6 years ago, was young, did sust, d-bol, no PCT. Had no estro side effects.

next cycle-
wk-1-6 fina ed 75 mg ( I am starting tren week before Sust to make sure all goes well)
wk-1-5 igf ed bi lateral two shots one post w/o
wk 2-12 Sust 500mg every five days
wk 12-16 IGF 40mcg ed bi-lateral two shots, one post w/o
wk 14-17 Vitrex test booster/ estro blocker (may start estro blocker earlier if needed)

This Pct of otc stuf has been tried by many of my friends and all have had great results. Also my buds dad owns a supp. business and gets all the stuff cheap.

I will also be taking the following daily :
animal pak multi vitamin 2 paks
2tbls. flax oil
enzyte (to help delivery)
milkthistle and coq10
procerin OTC dht blocker for hair

Will w/o 4-5 times per week, 4000 cals, mostly protien.

Captain Anabolic

The information contained in this post is completely fictional.