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    1 year on A.R. board

    Well its been one year since I joined the board at AR. So far I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from all of you. I didnt always listen in the begining because like a lot of people I thought "I'm a smart guy, I dont need advice". Well that statement is a far cry from reality. The fact is, sometimes its trial and error and sometimes its experience. Well I would rather go with the experience rather than figure it out on my own. All of the knowledge here on the boards has taken away alot of the myths about AAS. Yes you still have to be careful and sensible and there are risks. But if you listen and learn you will be ok.
    I''ve made up a "TOP TEN THINGS I'VE LEARNED ON AR"

    Here it is
    #10- Always use a clean syringe & pin
    #9 - Injections arent always painless
    #8- You can ask a stupid question....Just not too stupid a question
    #7 - Eventually your wife will catch you with a needle in your ass
    #6- Always asperate
    #5- see #6
    #4 - A gusher REALLY IS cool to watch
    #3 - you would be suprised at how many guys are juiceheads at the gym.
    #2- Never flame the Mods..... You could be killed or worse
    and the # 1 thing I learned from A.R. is:
    Dont piss anyone off because they are all "juiceheads" and they will kick your ass.

    Well its been a great year thanks everyone for all your help


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    Glad your learning alot from this board. Congratualations.

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    Good job fly,

    JDM good sig, too bad Will Smith said it.

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    haha thats a good list...

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    I must second the fact that your wife WILL catch you with a needle hanging out of your ass!!!!!

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