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    DNP: What does this statement mean?

    "One thing to note is that after day 7 on dnp there is no longer heat, due to either t3 down regulation or the bodies protection mechanism kicking in to reverse the uncoupling(yes this is possible read the post on dnp and cancer in the main forum).
    Never going to run it longer than 7 days as theres no point, have always used a 7 days cycle and this is a first on 10 days cycle."

    Is this true, DNP loses its fat burning abilities after 7 days?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BrownBomber
    Is this true, DNP loses its fat burning abilities after 7 days? BB
    No, that is not true. Fat loss can slow down somewhat because of a lack of t4 to t3 conversion, but it does not stop. Not by a long shot.

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    what i've noticed is that my muscles feel and look flat while on dnp . right now i'm on my 1 week of fina/prop. next week i'm going to start adding dnp for addding fat loss and retaining muscle. will i still feel and look flat because of dnp or will still feel pumped(a bit of the prop kicking but i think mostly mental).

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