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Thread: Prop before pct

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    Prop before pct

    I see alot of people throw some prop in at the end of thier cycles. In the past, my cycles seem less effective towards the end and I was wondering if this is why people add it or if it helps in some way with pct. Thanks guys

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    I plan on running prop the last 3 weeks of my cycle while the sust and eq levels fall off my blood. It helps because this way I can start PCT 3 days after my last injection instead of 3 weeks after my last injection.

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    Alot of people...including to add the prop after there last shot of a long ester like Enanthate or cyp, for the very reason that johnny can start your pct's 3 days after your last prop shot, rather than waiting 3 weeks after your last enanthate shot.

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