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    quick question about A-bombs

    I've had a few posts on here about how to give me a boost in my upcoming strength testing for football. I gotta quick question about anadrol 50. If I were to take two pills a day for about 2 or 3 days b4/during the day of testing would this be beneficial? How much would this 2 to 3 day intake shut me down? Would it even help my strength at all? I might get flamed for this post, but it seems a tad bit harder to get answers for questions dealing with anadrol simply because it seems pretty d@mn harsh on the system and some people seem scared of the stuff (and from what i've read, I don't blame them). I'm looking for the best way to increase my testing results. All the tricks of the trade. If anyone has any other suggestions I would be very grateful for the insight. Thanks.

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    nobody has an answer for this guy??? give it to him straight... (sorry I don't know bro)

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    I dont see how you would benefit in strength from just 2-3 days of anadrol . Maybe some side affects if you start and stop so quickly.

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    I can't see 2-3 days of drol doing anything for you strength wise.

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    I dont think it would be possible to see gains in 2-3 days. But if you do decide to run anadrol be careful the side effects are bad and it can stay in your system for up to 18 months.

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    Won't do you any good. You need at least a week of juice before you notice anything substantial and the dose of droll will still aromatize and Fruck up you liver pretty good especially without anti-e's like dex or any PCT. In all honesty if you can't commit to a good cycle then don't bother. You might actually want to try a Creatine load for the week before the football test. It might help.
    luck bro

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