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    cardio question--before and after drinks??

    is it best on an empty stomach to just drink water before cardio? or
    drink a protein shake before cardio thus preserving muscle? or
    drink protein/carb drink right after cardio thus preserving muscle breakdown? or, wait for awhile after your cardio(how long?) before drinking a protein/carb drink thus promoting the fat burning process that the cardio started in the first place??

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    Depends. If you looking to cut down, do it on an empty stomach and wait 1/2 hr after before you eat anything. If your looking for just cario bebefit, then do it after you have eaten.

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    After a period of work-out when all your glycogen has been used for energy, your muscle fills with cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down muscle to use a energy. Because of this I always have carbohydrates after a workout (weight or areobic). I also add protein, creatine, and glutamine because the intake of a fast acting carb produces an insulin spike which assists in carting the nutrients to the muscle cell.

    When bulking have a high carb post workout drink along with protein
    When cutting have a mediuim carb post workout drink along with protein

    Also give HITT a try. Keeps your body burning calories for hours after a workout

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