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Thread: Week 3 report

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    Week 3 report

    I am starting week 3 of my cycle on monday. So far, ive seen a slight increase in size and a little bit of strength. Nothing big yet. The lower back cramps are also very annoying. I had to go sit in the locker room for a while during my last back workout. I have also noticed an increase in my bf levels. Should i limit food intake or just do some cardio, cuz id rather gain maximum size and then burn fat. Im lookin forward to week 5 and up Any comments or suggestions?

    week 1-4, 40mg dbol
    week 1-12, 400mg cyp

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    Just try and eat a little cleaner, and maybe cut out the late night carbs, and go with protein before bed!...I find cardio slows my progress during bulking, so i never do cardio when bulking!

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    All those symtops are typical from dbol -drink lots of water! I don't there is a need to limit your food intake (but then again I don't know your stats and goals) Just keep your diet clean as possible-high in protein from foods first and then from shakes, mrps,bars, etc.

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    I hate those low back cramps....basically just drink about 2 gals of water a day and eat a lot of food.

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    I feel you with the back pumps... anoying like hell!!

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    Hmm, I'm on my third week of 40mg dbol also and haven't had a single carazy back pump. Gained 9lbs though.

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