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    cozy little Ghetto in PA

    2nd injection bled a little (1amp deca + 1 amp sust into 1 syringe)

    2nd injection bled after the needle came out. Not much but it was more than the 1st injectin which did not bleed at all except a tine little droplet 15 sec afte the needle. I took my time on the injection at depth 1" into my thigh and squeezed the stuff out for 10 sec. Then withdrew slowly taking like 5 sec to pull out?

    I used a 21 guage harpoon again cause my new 25 guagers dont arrive till next week.

    Why the bleeding this time? I was careful to draw back on the needle after penetration to look for blood so as to make sure I did not mainline.

    Is this what the term "aspirate " means ? drawing back before injecting to check for blood ?

    BTW - what would happen if someone did acidentaly mainline it - would they know it right away ?

    ALSO: I noticed after I injected this same miz 2 days ago I got some flu symptoms the next morning. Weak - sore throat etc. Is this sust flu phenom I hear about a real infection or just some kind of reaction that passes ?

    Any help appreciated

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    You may have passed through a blood vessle. Not a big deal it just bleeds a little more than normal. This will probably happen more then once, so don't be worried. As long as you "aspirate " like you said, then everything will be fine. SO to answer that question. Yes, aspirate is to draw back to check for blood. Haven't experienced any flu like symptons while on my cycle so I can't help you out there. ANyone???

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    You probably just broke a few blood vessels,your fine.

    Your correct on your def. of aspirating.

    You'll know it if you should, by chance ,hit a vien and inject.You'll start coughing right away and possibly get dizzy or faint.

    Test flu is common.It passes when your hormonal system adjusts.

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    your fine...Look at it this way. You were a virgin...Your Cherry is NOW BROKEN....

    Welcome to the darkside..

    Be safe,


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