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    Question Need help with cycle

    I am 22, 6'0 195 lbs

    I just picked up for first cycle:

    20 ccs winstrol depot

    10 ccs eq

    200 5 mg Dball

    75 Nolvadex


    HCG 's

    Please Help me with a good stack and a good program for cutting up with what I have?

    Is it a bad idea to take Dball for more then 6 Weeks?

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    You don't need to know
    Well........where's the test ? You don't have enough Eq for one. Is it 200mg/ml ? You should run Eq for atleast 10-12 wks IMO. And I would not take d-bol for more than 4 wks , but thats just me. If you want to cut , what is the d-bol doing in there? I should have asked the question of how old you are first and is this your first cycle ?

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    Ozzy hes 22 and this is his first cycle.

    Anyway to skitz - listen to ozzy and get some f'n test!

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    looks like all the ingredients for a cutting cycle. as ozzy says, where is the test. many ppl use test prop for cutting but its not unusal to use enth for cutting either,just depends on yur diet.yes i would get enough eq for 400mg a week too. save your dbol for a bulk cycle. your pct looks in tack. make sure u have enough nolva to run 10ed,and 20mg ed for pct. dont use hcg for a pct,use it during your cycle.use yur clomid for the pct along with the nolva.the clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off during your cycle. alot members will give u there opinion about just doing a test only cycle for a first cycle too. u should consider it. good luck bro.

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