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    Question Need Help Please

    hi been traning for 6 years off and on last 6 months non stop im a diabetic,
    and got 2 whatch what i am taking.i am starting my first cycle next mon o've deca 2ml a week for ten weeks can any 1 tell me if deca is ok for the fist time.

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    No. Deca is not okay, first its your first cycle. Second you need to run test as a base.

    Correct cycle should look like:

    1-12wks Test E/Cyp
    1-11wls Deca

    After cycle you need proper PCT, which include clomid and nolvadex .

    My advice for you is to do more research.

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    decaisn;t a good idea bro... it will shut your body owns production down hardcore... a suggested base cycle would be test only so you can monitor hwo your body will react to the substance. you will find it very hard to get your natty levels back up to par once you're done with the cycle and will more then likely lose most of what you have gained (w/ the deca only) also deca is detectable for 18 months that could be an issue depending on what you do (more then likely wouldn;t be one but ya never know)
    As far as diabetics and AS go i really don;t know. changing your bodys hormones may do something to it but i don;t know.... if thats the case a short ester like prop could be beneficial because if anything appears (side wise, or in relation to the diab.) then you could stop it and its out of your system in a matter of three days. (it does however require ED shot or EOD which most newbs just arent ready for...

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    You need to slow down and postpone your cycle. It sounds like you do not have enough information to start you first cycle. It sounds like a buddy at the gym told you about deca and how great it is!!!! Let me ask you a question? Would you jump into a pool, head first, if you didn;t check to see if it was filled with water? Thats what you are doing right now. Im glad your asking questions and you will recieve some answers but bro you need to do alot more research on this before you start. Im talking 5 or 6 months! Know what gear does, how it does it, when it does it, why it does it. Learn doses and amounts, learn diet and excersice, learn PCT and anti-e's, learn about TESTOSTERONE ! What you are missing in your cycle. Learn more info bro.

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