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    Question Opinions from the Experts

    First off thanks in advance for your time in this matter, feel like if you lived in the A.T.L I would take you out for a few beers, anyways down to business

    I am new to all this so forgive me for being a dumbass, just want to do this right ya-no.

    29, pretty lean, body fat, not sure, have 4 of 6 abs, to give you indication.
    Money, say around 5-6 bills to spend on gear.
    I would have to say BB is what I am shooting for.
    Been lifting all my life on an off, jock in college etc, started getting serious with the steel probably 1 year ago or so.
    Look to add 20 or so, wouldnt mind hitting 3bills and sticking there, paranoid as all hell about bitch tits, so keep that in mind
    Hoped that covered all the question and I look forward to hearing from you and any others that would like to chime in as this board is a godsend fora newbie like me just looking to do the right thing ya no.

    Here is what I have for my first cycle so far, any advice or other things I should consider??

    Test D-bol
    1 200-250mg 20 mg per day
    2 200-250mg 25 mg per day
    3 400-500mg 30 mg per day
    4 400-500mg 35 mg per day
    5 400-500mg 35 mg per day
    6 400-500mg 30 mg per day
    7 200-240mg 20 mg per day
    8 200-250 mg 15 mg per day

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    No need to taper. Go with

    400 mg test for 10 weeks
    35 mg dbol ed for the first 4 weeks
    0.25 mg arimidex ed
    800 mg milk thistle with the dbol
    clomid 3 weeks after last injection.

    If you get Brovel T200, ** arimidex, your cycle will be very cheap.

    ***You might want to throw in 400 mg deca for 10 weeks too.


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    woops, 6-5 270 is height and weight. sorry bout that

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    That's a pretty big boy there!

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    Hey bro! if those are your stats then do like Arthur said and add some deca or EQ at 400mgs a week with the test at 4oomgs a week.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    arthur sounds like a recipie for success - I might bump that test to 500mg per week if you arent taking any other juice (besides the dbol at first)

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