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    mixing dbol - Akrihin / Tai / etc.

    I just want to thnak everyone for posting such great info for people just starting out (like myself). I have been a member for quite sometime and read though tons of the threads. Many of my questions have been fully answered and I feel I have avoided some terrible thakns to all.

    I do not seem to be able to find an answer to mixing up kinds of dbol during a cycle. I have seen on different posts where people have a preference for one kind over another, but is there any benefit to mixing up the kinds you take...if they are all 5mg, and it doesn't matter...why is there a preference?

    Hope this isn't a completely stupid question...I just couldn't find a post anywhere for an answer. Thanks for any responses.


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    the post office!
    is there a
    but mixing is fine dbol is dbol.

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    many like BD orals, some consider them the best orals out. but naposims r my personal fav.....

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