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    Can you mix Sust & Primo together?

    Just wondering guys, is it possible to mix sust and primo together? and lastly, would doing 400mg/week of primo help with my cycle of 500mg/week sust & 400mg/week Deca ?

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    yes they could be mixed togather but...
    why not add it to the end of you cycle.
    if you are doing an 8 wk cycle . run the primo @300 mg wk 9-12
    if you doing a 10 wk cycle run it the same way but wk 11-14.clomid 2 wks after last primo.
    this would be a nice addition at the end to harden up what you just gained

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    is there a liquid AAS that is not compatable with other AAS....never heard of one myself.....
    everything should be able to be mixed together....
    correct me if im wrong.....
    i might not mix oil and water base gear, but does it really matter...

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