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    Us Vs Uk And Europe Prices.

    I was just wondering as I live in the UK and have spoken to a few sources in the US and also some parts of Europe and there prices are allot higher then in the UK, just wondering why this is.I would of thought that the prices in the US would of been lower then over hear.

    I noticed that when I was in the US last year most things are allot cheaper like clothes and that so why not gear.



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    imo, the demand is higher in the states and its imo harder to get. i live in eu right now,and grew up in the states. so ill go with demand~~for ex u know how much u can sell a pair of levi jeans in russia or the ck rep for? alot!~i wont pay more than 5 euro for an amp of sust over demand...

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    not to mention **** illegal here in the states so of course it's gonna be higher since we can;t really get it newhere else...

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