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    Var, primo, masteron, test prop stack

    I plan to stack Var and primo acetate together in my cutting cycle, along with some test prop and maybe some masteron . What do you people think would be a good dodage of each to go with. 5'11" 208 @ 7-8% bf. i have a fair bit of cycle experience and I realize it's probably not necessary to use the var and primo together, but it's cheap for me so what the heck. An 8 wk cycle is what I had in mind. I have arim, clen , nolva, clomid too so no worries for post cycle recovery, etc. thanks everyone.

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    I like the idea, very nice for a cutter.

    var 25mg ed 1-4
    Prop 100mg ed 1-8
    mast 50mg ed 1-8
    Primo 400mg a week 1-8

    I would run it a bit longer but its your choice.

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