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Thread: Cycle Help?

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    Cycle Help?

    I am going to be starting my second cycle in the next couple of months. Heres what i wanna do and tell me if its a good idea or not.

    I am going to be running:

    T200 - 10 weeks - 400mg/week
    EQ - 10 weeks - 400mg/week

    I want to throw parabloan in some where but i am only getting 10 amps cuz they are very expensive. I am wondering if any one could give me some ideas on where i should throw the parabolan in and how much i should take a week. I was thinking of runnin it for 5 weeks in the beginning or end at 2 amps a week. If any one has any other ideas lemme know.

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    I am pretty sure (99.9%) that your parabolan is not parabolan but trenbelone acetate. It has a short ester so you will need at the very least eod injects. I would say stick with the test and eq cycle, save the para, buy some fina, make it into an inject and use it in another cycle down the road.

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