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    Juice and Cardio

    I'm on Clen and sum test and I'm also cutting up so can I do as much cardio as I want without sparing muscle tissue. I know this might be a stupid question but just curious. Cause I know clen and test (propinate) stop muscle catabolism?

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    Your lucky bro. I can olny do cardio twice a week or I start dropping weight like a mofo. But I am trying to gain.

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    You're right Stupes... Both Clen and Test are anti-catabolic. That's why people add t3 with either/or/both to do a nice little cutting cycle.

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    clen and test are infact anticatabolic....but that is no garantee you wont loose muscle also depends on your diet, a topic too long to go into right now (check out the diet forum for further info).....basically, doing cardio till kingdom come without a proportionate eating plan WILL burn your muscle, for eg, too low calories, not enough protein/fat to make up for reduced carbs.....etc

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