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    Mar 2004

    Alcohol During Cycle

    is drinking bad for if your on a cycle!?can i die or nething..not on a regualar bases..i jus mean once a week!?

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    marlin444 is offline Associate Member
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    Feb 2004
    bump! i drink on cycle! never on orals, but injectables why not?? anyone have any scientific though?

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    sepjuice is offline Anabolic Member
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    Jan 2003
    ok, first thought of mind, u just spent 100's of dollars on a cycle to help u get big..why would u even think about drinking,,,,cause everyone knows drinking and weightlifting dont go might for your average spring breaker,but not for most. think about it,going out drinking,u take in a crap load of empty calories,with no nutrional value except those empty cals turn into fat,and think about how many meals your going to miss during that night and the day after.i know i wouldnt want to eat chicken breast and tuna after a night of drinking. i take it u know how bad drinking is during orals so i wont go there, but come on,if u dont have the self discipline to not drink for say 12-14 weeks,maybe you werent ready for your cycle..gotta think your goals r,,to get big and get possibly everything u can out of this cycle, or go get drunk,,hmm,,just something to think about...

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