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    Im desperat!!

    I where in a accident in 97, i hurt my back and neck and damage nervtreads. Im now in constant pain(more or less) but i can still train. Last yeras i tried all sort of treatments and training but itis gettin worse. I am now thinking about to take deca durabol so i hopefully can get less pain and a stronger body. My doctor is so conservative that he wont talk about it. He give me painkillers and zoloft(seratonin) but it dosent help me so much. I have done lots of reserch but it seems like im in a uniqe situation. Can you please help me out, and give me some good answers.
    Can deca do good for me in this situation?
    Is it possible to combine deca whit zoloft?
    Is all sort of training good if i combine whit weighttraining?
    Should combine deca whit outer dopings?
    Im 188 cm and weigh 98 kilos but i dont want to gain to much weight, what can i do to counteract that?

    Please help me out.


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    You want some advice , don't **** up your body even more . If you are not capable of training good (diet) , you should not do AS . Its not the wonderdrug if you don't train hard , and in your case due your accident i don't think you will train as hard as it is needed to see some decent gains . Good Luck with your recovery.

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